Welcome everybody, my name is Clayton Beal and this is my blog. If you’re looking for insider information on my book, “Life On Earth” and/or a sneak peak into my hectic life, and/or insights into upcoming books this is the place. Love me or hate me, leave a note if you like, and here we go.

I wrote a comedic science fiction novel, because nobody would believe my real life. It’s characters, situations, irony, and shear insanity boggles my mind almost daily. My interests include Astronomy, theoretical physics, relativity, and prophecy. I am an artist with a keen eye, and ears, for detail. People are funny and life is unpredictable. As far as my life goes, most days are good and some days are better.

Disappointing to some, I have to admit, that I am not a reader. Never really have been, and within my tiny circle of close ones, there are not really any avid readers. Not only that, there aren’t really any book worms in my immediate family. I’m an honest guy, I think anyone could tell this by my writing style, but I also think this is why I have so few book reviews. At this time my first novel has only been out around 6 months, and as far as I know I’ve only sold about a hundred and sixty copies. I think that’s pretty good for a first time author with little sponsorship (Only my good friends that set up book signings for me), but I assure you all the reviews on this site are genuine and I appreciate anything good, bad or indifferent that anybody has to say about me, or my literary work.

In conclusion I’d like to thank you for visiting my website and reading this blog. Feel free to check out my Facebook page www.Facebook.com/ClaytonBealAuthor and My Facebook store www.Facebook.com/declan.life where you can actually purchase one of my books and have a quantum day!