Quantum Cat Products

Quantum Cat is the name of the business designed to handle all of the official Clayton Beal business ventures and product lines including but not limited to; books, T-shirts, Coffee mugs, copies of original drafts, and artworks, movie scripts, shorts, advertising venues of all kinds, lyrics in the book, as well as all kinds of gadgets and products that are mentioned in the book that do not exist yet, such as the bikini chair, sky heels, the luge mobile, pop-n-push candy card, and many other things like the magnetic drive system for flying saucers, universal time separator modules and other things not yet realized by this race.

I am also introducing a new idea in book advertising. I’m calling them inserts. For a small fee I will name a character in the book the name of your choice, Nice present for Mom! Also advertise your products, great if you have some cutting edge futuristic product, advertise music band or song.

Advertise your retail outlet. I use the name “Dillard’s” and shed this in a nice light. We could change it Macy’s very easily, why not come out with a Tawana bikini line? I’m all about the marketability of my books.