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Comedic Sci-fi author, futurist, poet

Clayton Beal is an unusual character. Not to mention a magnificent and stunning author. It’s a good thing that he found a decent editor though. The guy misspells words and makes them up as he goes along. He has no idea how to punctuate or put together a complete sentence, but there’s no doubt that he is an awesome story teller and a brilliant science fiction writer.
When reading his material I often wonder if he’s gone completely insane. It takes me the brink. He must’ve lived one wild and crazy life to be able to write such a roller coaster. A life filled with interesting and fun people that left him with gray hair and a fortune in believable, tale spinning wealth.

You’re going to laugh a lot, cry a little, and wonder if all of this stuff really happened in the future. Hahhahah. This guy paints a picture so real that you’re gonna live it.

He probably decided to write a science fiction novel because he needed a place to put all of his wacky ideas, inventions, and knowledge of cutting edge technology that bottle up inside. And you can bet that, if he can’t dazzle you with brilliance, he’ll baffle you with bull shit. I mean, he’ll have you believing that the core of the sun is solid state helium that’s near absolute zero, hahahah.

The best part of Clayton Beal’s work is definitely the characters. And my God he has known some characters in his life and he loved them. He loved all of them because he knew them. He loved the good ones, the bad ones, the careful ones, and the wild ones, the pretty ones, and ugly ones, but the ones Clayton Beal loved the most of all, was the crazy ones. You know, the crazy fun ones. Yeah!

All in all, I’d say that ole Clayton is a misunderstood genius, a misfit magnet, and a light hearted soul that’s just a wee bit mischievous. He’s got more books on the way so enjoy, have fun, and thanks for reading this bio.


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