book Bone heads, Fat heads, C-c-c-c-c-cat heads check out this little teaser. Here’s an EXCERPT FROM CHAPTER 5 that I think you will enjoy.

I looked over at QD puffing helium, and it scared me. He was an arrogant bastard that always had everything under control, but I could see he was worried.
I saw something shiny flash in the forward display, and it thudded against the saucer.
QD zoomed one of the ship’s cameras in on Area Fifty-One and said, “Look. Very large energy receivers are raising up out of the ground.”
“I can’t steer!” Sam squeaked out. “I have no control! Something’s wrong with the rudder!”
“We’re all going to die!” I screamed again.
Nervously, QD said, “Yeah, you might be right. Prepare for a crash landing.” And we sat down and buckled ourselves in tight.
“I hope the airbags work,” Sam shouted.
“We’re all going to die!” I shrieked for a third time.
“Shut up,” QD commanded.
We were going down fast, but not really. True, we were getting sucked into the direction of the array of energy cyclones, but we were still flying. Hell, we were gliding down pretty smoothly, like a well-thrown Frisbee, actually, just easing its way on down.
I looked at the ground monitor, and it was a blank. Steady text said, ‘No information available.’
I glanced over at Sammy the Gray; he was as white as a sheet. He was mumbling something just under his breath, and his eyes were getting wider and wider as he spoke the words louder and louder. “Oh my God, oh God, oh God, please don’t let me die.” And he kept repeating it louder each time, and the more he repeated it, the more the fear of crashing intensified within me. I dug my fingers into the arms of the chair and started crying and praying and chanting with him. Buy my book buy my book he hee.
“Oh God, oh God, please don’t let me die. Oh God…”
A couple of chants later, I saw Sam grab his left arm and say, “Nooo!” Then he was out of breath.
I saw out of the corner of my eye a ball of lightning, and it was filling the entire horizon from in the atmosphere. And then—BAM! All the power in the craft went out as the lightning came funneling down. It was the last thing we saw.
The control VeeM went blank, and the cabin went dark. Then we hit the ground and bounced up like a stone skipping across the water. An emergency light came on, and I saw Sam’s body go limp. His hand had moved from his arm to his heart, and I had a bad feeling that we lost him.
The first skip wrenched my back, but I kept holding on tight. QD just sat there with his eyes closed pretty much the whole way down. The airbags inflated just before we hit, and cushioned the blow pretty well, but I didn’t think my back would ever be the same.
The PT finally came to a sliding stop on the desert floor. QD wasted no time unbuckling and getting up.
“Are you alright?” I asked.
He replied, “I guess so.”
And then shwoop—in an instant, everything everywhere shifted into black and white.
There was no color.
There was no color anywhere anymore.
Only shades of black and white.
“My eyes!” I yelled. “My eyes! I’ve lost all sense of color!”
POW! and my ears started ringing. QD had popped open an emergency hatch with explosive bolts at the top of the cockpit. He moved quickly to grab the cash and throw it to me, saying, “Carry this.” Then he grabbed as many helium tanks as he could.
I was crying hysterically, but I unbuckled myself and frantically made my way over to Sam. I placed two fingers on his jugular, searching for a pulse, but there wasn’t one to be found.
QD said, “We have to move. There’s not much time.”
“What’s going on?” I asked.
He replied, “There’s only one thing on Earth that could use that much energy. It must be the government experimenting with time bomb technology. I do believe that we are in an impossibly large time distortion field. And we have to get out of here fast!”
“But we have to bury Sammy! We can’t just leave him here,” I argued.
“I don’t care how much energy they sucked out of the ionosphere, they’re not going to be able to keep a ball of the past this size open very long,” QD said. “No, not long at all. And we need to be as far away from the epicenter as possible.”
As he talked, he was crawling out of the hatch that’d popped open, and I was right behind him.
When we crawled out, I could see the shiny thing that had flashed across the main monitor on the way down. It was some kind of high altitude weather balloon. Apparently it had wrapped itself around the rudder after hitting us on the way down.
As soon as I got out of the saucer, I could feel the desert heat. It was hot, and the sun was just past high noon in the dusty sky. The lack of color was freaking me out. I wondered if I’d ever see in color again as I gazed out at the dull gray landscape and the clear white sky.
We started running toward a highway that looked like a big black snake. Beside a couple of cactus’s and an unusual-looking tree, it was the only feature visible besides an old car driving towards us. It looked like an upside down bathtub that somebody had put wheels on. It drove off the road and pulled up about twenty feet in front of us. An older gentleman behind the wheel jumped out and asked, “Are you guys okay?”
“Well, my back is hurting quite a bit. We could sure use a lift,” I hinted.
QD looked a little pissed off at me for talking to the guy, who was looking at the flying saucer with wide, staring eyes.
“What the hell is that thing?” he asked, and he cautiously started walking towards it.
QD gestured for me to get in the car, which was still running. He jumped into the driver’s seat, and the old man turned around as I closed the big car door on the passenger side. I heard him yell, “Hey! Come back here! That’s my car!”
The back tire spun out in the desert sand before we accelerated back towards the highway in a cloud of dust.
“Where are we?” I asked QD.
“New Mexico, just outside of Area Fifty-One,” he replied as we barreled down the highway. “But I think the bigger question is, When are we?”
“What do you think is going to happen when the present time snaps back?”
I don’t know, but I think we’ll be reading “LIfe On Earth” By Clayton Beal. I can’t wait to get my copy.